Flying High Frisbee Dogs

                        Saturday: Shows throughout the day

Come see 4 of the most athletic Border Collies on the planet as they perform a variety of frisbee and other entertaining tricks!  

                    Mike Piazza is a multiple world finalist and former long distance world record holder in K-9 Frisbee, and the current #1 Professional K-9 frisbee performer in the world. He has over 20 years of experience and performing over 150 shows each year.  Mike has performed for NFL, NBA, MLS, Minor League Baseball, ESPN, Animal Planet, NESN, college halftime sporting events, fairs, TV commercials, magazine covers, corporate events & functions, pet expos, kids camps and many more.

Chris Clarke Bicycle Stunts

                        Saturday and Sunday several show each day

                        Bicylcle stunt shows

Bending Gravity (Fire Show)

                        Saturday          7:30 and 9:00

                        Fire eating, juggling, twirling and more

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Racing Pigs & Dachshunds

                        Fri-Sun shows throughout the day

                        Watch them race around the track in hopes of winning the grand prize – an Oreo cookie