livestock shows

The Wapping Fair has been showcasing the region's livestock for over 120 years, and this year is no exception.  You may visit them in their stables and pens from Friday night until the fair closes on Sunday.  During the weekend, they will be judged for Showmanship and Breed.  See the schedule below for the show times and watch as their proud owners present them to the judges.  Click Here if you are interested in entering the competition.

Showmanship:  Entrant will be judged on their ability to both control and present their animal, and how they and their animal work together as a team.

Breed:  Through livestock associations, there are attempts to describe the ideal animal of a breed. Breed standards are the result of these attempts. They are guidelines for breeders to ensure that the animals they produce conform to the defined characteristics of the breed.  Here the animals will be judged against these guidelines.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Goats - Agway

Competition Schedule


  • 10:30  Goats


  • 3:30  Animal Costume contest (the exhibitors are welcome to dress up their animals) Sponsored by: Farmtek