Kids Contest

No pre-registration for contests.  All winners will receive a prize! 

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OINK - MOO - BAAHH … Who can make the best barnyard sound? Pick your favorite farm animal and start practicing now. We’ll even give you a microphone so your call can be heard everywhere across our fairgrounds.   Well, maybe not really that far … but you get the idea!

Let those chickens fly!  Toss the chickens and get them to land in the pots!   Competitor that can put the most chickens in the pot wins!

It's a race to the finish line as our competitors balance Jumbo Ostrich eggs on their spoons without letting them fall!  

Jump into the corn sack and get ready to hop as fast as you can to the finish line before any of the other competitors

Kids are challenged to eat a small pie without using their hands. Whoever cleans their plate first wins.   Is this messy? You bet! But don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of napkins available to clean yourself up afterwards.   And maybe even some milk to wash down the pie, too.

Grab a great big slice of juicy watermelon and lets see which of our competitors can finish it the quickest.