PLEASE NOTE:  Entries registration is August 26, 2018.   


Welcome to the 2018 Wapping Fair Livestock Department.  The Wapping Fair is always looking for new exhibitors. Premiums and ribbons will be awarded in various categories, in addition to one Best in Show.  Junior and Adult classes.

No fee to enter.  Click on the classes below for exhibiting criteria.


Dairy Cattle


Small Animals

Beef Cattle


2018 Rules and Regulations

2018 CT Fair and Show Regulations

Livestock Entry Form

Entries are accepted until August 26, 2018.

Contact Sharon Jacobs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  Please join our facebook group as a way to stay in touch with news and updates about exhibiting:

Showmanship:  You will be judged on your abilities to both control and present your animal, and how you and your animal work together as a team.

Breed:  Through livestock associations, there are attempts to describe the ideal animal of a breed. Breed standards are the result of these attempts. They are guidelines for breeders to ensure that the animals they produce conform to the defined characteristics of the breed.  Here your animal will be judged against these guidelines.

Competition Schedule


  • 10:30  Goats
  • 1:30  Dairy Cattle
  • 3:00  Poultry


  • 9:30  Rabbits
  • 11:30  Beef Cattle
  • 1:00  Sheep
  • 3:00  Animal Costume contest (the exhibitors are welcome to dress up their animals) FarmTek